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Guide to Safe Driving in the Summer in your Honda Car

You might already know how to drive in poor weather conditions like rain and snow. But do you know how to drive safely in the summer heat?. Driving in the summertime is not free of risks either. Read on for some tips powered by honda service workshop on how to stay safe in the summer, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, so you can be safe and enjoy the rides ahead in your Honda.

Short and Safe Trips

During the holidays you and your family might prefer going out rather than staying at home. The safer option would be to drive your own car rather than use public transportation. This will help lower the risk of catching the coronavirus because you are travelling only with people from your own household. Be sure to wear your mask while outside and always carry a hand sanitizer with you

Always, carry a sanitizer with you in case soap and water are not conveniently available and Continue to a social distance at a six-foot radius. Consider keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer for you and the family to use when needed.

Keep the Fluids Topped Up

Make sure to maintain the proper level of fluids in your Honda as the weather can quickly heat up. Especially, top up your coolant (antifreeze) to the scale shown if you have not done so lately.

The coolant guards the aluminium parts under the hood and protects the engine from overheating. Whenever you notice that the reservoir is rusty replace it right away.

Check on the engine oil level as part of the proper maintenance. Replace the car oil at the interval indicated in your Honda manual, and top it up quickly. Get in the habit of checking the car oil at least once per month.

It might not rain during your summer outings, but your Honda windshield might get dirty and dusty while on your road trip in summers. Fill your car's washer fluid so that you can clean the windscreen and maintain excellent visibility, which keeps you and your family safe. If wipers blades are getting worn, replace immediately

Pack Allergy Pills

If you know that your allergic rhinitis is going to kick in, then make sure you pack your allergy medication. Keep in mind that some tablets may cause drowsiness and may affect your ability to drive. In that case, always check the medication label and ask your doctor or pharmacist if it's ok to drive soon after taking the dosage. If your doctor or pharmacist says no, then please avoid taking it or get someone else to take the wheel.